We aspire to be the best,
you deserve the best.

The Bóreas residential complex offers quality as well as design, focusing on the smallest details in each phase of the project's development, emphasising the idea’s conception, the creation of a unique image, and the product’s design with architects. The construction, choice of materials and architectural details come together to create a top-quality product. Here we give a brief summary of this entire work process, particularly in relation to the homes' building qualities.

Building specifications


Foundations formed by continuous and isolated footings of different dimensions, on a layer of building concrete. 25 cm thick reinforced-concrete perimeter walls in the basement. Sanitation through separate network for rainwater and BC series PVC sewage systems.


Mixed structure formed by unidirectional reinforced concrete slabs and metal columns with reinforcing abacuses for each floor slab.


One-sided waterproofing of the basement wall, on the outside, by priming the substrate with CURIDAN-type asphalt emulsion, laying a fully adhered LBM (APP) 40-FP membrane. System drainage using nodular polyethylene membrane with built-in DANODREN H-15 PLUS geotextile, mechanically attached via a sealing profile and chemically bonded with polyurethane filler.


Façades made up of a ceramic brick panel, lined from the inside with 15-mm thick laminated plasterboard screwed to a self-supporting structure of galvanised steel, modulated every 40 cm, and a cavity with thermal and acoustic insulation made of 45-mm thick semi-rigid mineral wool panels.
Different façade cladding on the ground and first floors. Natural stone and/or large-format porcelain ceramic tiles will be laid on the ground floor and a combination of white breathable lime mortar and large-format porcelain ceramic tile will cover the first floor. The walls of the sunken courtyard will be plastered with breathable lime mortar.


High quality exterior carpentry from a renowned firm, combining both practical and sliding styles: Full opening windows with 70-mm deep frames and thermal break using 35-mm polyamides.
Due to its configuration, only the fixed parts of the carpentry (frames and crossbars) can be seen from the outside. The mobile frames that support the window panes stay concealed: this is why they are called "Hidden Panes". From outside, one cannot distinguish between the window and its fittings.
Fitting system: installation on a track with counter plates, lacquered exposed parts, top-quality materials and elements reduced in the smallest sizes. Includes micro-ventilation.

Sliding windows with thermal break and 35-mm central hub visible, for minimum visual impact, as well as limited visibility of frame and window panels, giving it a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Sliding bearings enable up to 300 kg window panels to be moved. There are two possibilities when it comes to handles, either they can be recessed or they can be tilt & turn handles allowing for micro-ventilation.
Window panes with a mirrored finish on the façade. Technical windows with solar and low emissivity control depending on the façade.
The blackout system will be installed only in the bedrooms, and will be powered by an electric button. It will be placed on the outside of the window to generate a compartment, which will improve both the acoustic and thermal insulation.


Non-trafficable flat roof, inverted style, in other words, the thermal insulator is the element that protects the waterproofing system, which is essential in protecting it from climatic conditions.
Double layer of 60 mm thick XPS insulation (extruded polystyrene) and double layer waterproofing will be installed, namely with 2 premium brand bituminous waterproofing sheets. The roof's protection and finishing coat will be made of washed gravel.


Partition walls between houses made with a 12 cm-thick central acoustic concrete brick wall, to which a 15-mm thick plasterboard cladding and thermal insulation are added; the structure will be made of modulated galvanised steel every 40 cm with 48-mm profiles.
Interior partitions made of 15 mm-thick laminated plasterboards, and mineral wool inside. The structure will be made of modulated galvanised steel every 40 cm with 70 mm and 100 mm profiles, separated from the work elements to which they are attached by a perimeter band of elastic polyethylene foam. This form guarantees water tightness around the perimeter of the partitions and optimises the system's acoustic insulation.
Cladding made of laminated plasterboard with 15 mm thick panels and thermal insulation in façades and basement walls; the structure will be made of modulated galvanised steel every 40 cm with 48 mm profiles. Water-repellent treated laminated plasterboards will be installed in humid areas; they are known for their limited capacity to absorb water.


False ceiling of laminated plasterboard throughout the house. Impregnated plasterboards type H1 will be placed in humid areas. False ceiling made of 60x120 cm vinyl panels in the utility room on the basement floor.


Vertical walls finished with smooth white acrylic paint. Bathrooms finished with top-quality white clay or rectified porcelain tiles. Fitted with a high-performance quick-drying and highly malleable adhesive. False ceilings finished with smooth white acrylic paint.


Top quality rectified porcelain tiles throughout the house, laid with high-performance adhesive.


Special width floor-to-ceiling, reinforced front door with 3-point locking, anti-leverage hinges, high security key holes with anti-bumping, drill, extraction and pick lock system.
Interior floor-to-ceiling MDF doors finished in wood or lacquered satin white, with overlapping door trim, inner bracing to prevent warping, steel handles with an iron bracket, stainless steel Valencia-style hinged pivots and sliding doors with a hidden runner in the ceiling and a retractable mechanical extension level system at the door jambs to keep them flush at 3 mm from the ceiling.

Changing rooms and wardrobe interiors are made of melamine combining different wood or textile finishes; wardrobes with floor-to-ceiling MDF doors finished in wood or lacquered satin white, with no side or top mouldings, 180º hinges with a closing brake system, built-in pantograph handles, distributed on the inside with an upper storage area, hanging bar, drawers and shelves.


Kitchen comprising a cooking area, upper cupboards and island with a breakfast nook, made of lacquered MDF with built-in handles, drawers with full extension slides and stops, 180º swinging hinges with braking system, anti-gravity hydraulics, upper opening via a dressing room system, special vaulted kitchen to expand the storage capacity, built-in filtering unit adapted to the top cabinet, PVC kitchenware dispenser, 10 cm lacquered plinth, dynamic working systems, working surfaces under cabinets for food preparation.
Worktop and backsplash in cooking area up to the high cupboard area, column cabinet for oven and microwave and spaces for fridge and freezer. Appliances not included.


Floating bathroom furniture in all bathrooms, equipped with full extension sliding drawers with built-in stop system, mirrors installed with specific LED lighting, chrome single-lever designer faucets, click drainage system.
Extra-flat shower trays with built-in slopes, anti-slip system, built-in shower fittings with swivelling and tilting shower head and rain system, single-lever shower for rinsing, water actuator on one side off the water outlet line. All bathrooms will have a shower tray.
Bathroom fittings in top designer porcelain, Roca or the like, in floating installation, with recessed frame installation by the Geberit company or similar.


The air conditioning, heating and hot water installations share a cold/heat production system, via an aerothermal system. Aerothermal energy provides a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of the energy from the air. Each home will have its own state-of-the-art heat pump, designed to provide cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water all year round. The entire system will be controlled by a hydraulic kit.
Hot/cold air conditioning will be supplied by fan coils and fibre duct distribution, all housed in the false ceilings.
Heating will be based on a thermostatically controlled radiant floor system. The floor will be laid with a layer of self-levelling conductive, SIKA brand mortar. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity (three times higher than a traditional underlay), the mortar facilitates the transmission and distribution of heat, improving energy efficiency. It will be installed on the ground and first floors. The basement will not have radiant flooring.


Hot and cold water distribution via cross-linked polyethylene pipes, with return circuit for hot water, and stopcocks in each wet room and shut-off valves on each unit. DHW recirculation to improve hot water delivery from the moment it is opened.
Water softener for each dwelling and individual drainage pump for grey water in the basement.
PVC appliance drains.
Downpipes lined with high-performance acoustic insulation to attenuate noise from running water in the drains.


Electrical mains constructed in accordance with the current Low-Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations and the Power Company's own standards. Grounding network with a manhole. First quality electrical mechanisms in white or black depending on the interior design. USB sockets in living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms.


Indoor and outdoor LED lighting throughout the home, specific LED strips for wardrobe lighting. In the master bedroom, there will be a triple switch to control general lighting, as well as bedside table lights, from the entrance switch and from the bedside area.


Network and TV channel with outlets in all rooms, living room, terrace and multi-purpose room in the basement. Video intercom with 7" IP technology monitor on the ground floor. This consists of a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and four buttons, again with capacitive technology, which allow browsing via a graphic interface designed to offer a user-friendly experience. Blinds will be controlled through this screen. Electronic intercom in basement and first floor.


Terraced area with rectified non-slip porcelain floor tiles suitable for outdoor use.
Garden area finished in high-end artificial grass with extra stitching on the back, narrower leaf pattern, v-shaped leaves for recovering its shape after being stepped on. Highly realistic appearance due to the U-shaped fibres that form a central vein, in addition to four different colours, which are arranged in two shades of green and brown. Due to the height and high quantity of the fibres, the grass is spongy and the pile stays upright, recovering its shape after being stepped on. Model 30-35 mm high and with dual curly pile, anti-static and fireproof. Pool depth of between 1.20 and 1.80 cm, with stainless steel access ladder, LED interior lighting and finished with a vitreous coating. Swimming pool solarium finished with rectified non-slip ceramic for outdoors and top notch, 30-35 mm curly dual pile artificial grass with anti-static and fireproof finish. Outdoor shower.
Galvanised metal plot access doors finished with polyurethane enamel in the same colour as the fence, with side buttresses for fitting intercoms, meters and other required elements. Two-panel remote-controlled sliding electric garage door, equipped with anti-crushing security system comprising a 6-metre mirror photocell with holder.
External enclosure with a prefabricated concrete wall averaging 80 cm in height, combining lightweight steel fencing with galvanised metal mesh finished in polyurethane enamel matching the building's colour, both 1.5 m high, creating a 2.3 m enclosure. Dense evergreen hedge placed on the inside of the plot in the lightly fenced areas.
Divisions between plots made with a combination of prefabricated concrete wall and lightweight steel fence and hedge placement. Preinstallation for barbecue with water, drainage and electricity outlets required for subsequent implementation.